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The Brown County Fair Queen Pageant
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About the Pageant: Rules, Regulations, Prizes and Duties

Here is a list of all the neccessary information you will need to know about becoming a contestant, along with some of the prizes available to the Queen and Court! Note: the Regulations List is directly from the State Fair Queen Handbook, but is the same as the requirements for County.

queen regulations.jpg



County Queen & Court Prizes

State Queen Awards and Prizes


This year, the prizes should be better than ever!
The reigning Brown County Fair Queen, Rachel Bogle is personally going out to seek the prize donations and is doing her best to get numerous prizes for every contestant and a little "something special" for the Queen, which no Brown County Fair Queen has recieved before, but will come in very handy at the State Pageant!

The new queen will also enjoy the opportunity to make appearances throughout the YEAR of her reign. She is always invited to ride in the the Spring Blossom parade! Rachel is also working hard to make a list of appearance opportunities for the new queen, so she can truly make her mark all year around!
Remember, the Brown County 4-H Fair is only about a week long, but the new winner will be Queen all year!

Everything contestants and parents need to know about the 2006 Brown County 4-H Fair Queen pageant!