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The Brown County Fair Queen Pageant
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Pageant Tips and Advice

Whether you're new to pageants, or if you are a returning contestant, these tips are sure to help you compete at your fullest potential!



1) When you enter the interview room, look immediately to the judges and offer a warm greeting. You may opt to shake the hands of the judges if you’d like. Typically I would advise shaking their hands at the END of the interview, not the beginning-- that is if you feel that it would be NATURAL for you to shake hands at all.

2)      Look natural. Make your hair nice and natural, not curled and pulled and sprayed to death. Have an easy look. Have a natural face: this by no means entails that you should wear no makeup. Just make it look as though you are not wearing it! I will talk more about this at the workshops!

3)      If you shake hands, do so with a firm grip, but don’t try to be the Hulk!

4)      Stand directly in front of the interview chair in front of the panel when you have entered the room. Stand for a moment until you are told to sit. This allows the judges to score you appearance and presentation.

5)      When directed, sit down while feeling the chair with the back of your legs. Do NOT look behind you: continue looking at the judges. Cross your ankles and tuck them to one corner of the chair and put your hands nicely in your lap, one palm over your other hand’s knuckles. *While you speak, you can sometimes speak with your hands, just make sure it is natural and not overdone*

6)      When one person in the panel asks a question, already repeat the question before you give your answer. This sounds professional, directed, and gives you time to think.

7)      Speak slowly so that your words are understood. Do not rush or get overly excited due to nerves. Take a deep breath (while smiling!) as the judges ask their questions. It will help calm your nerves.

8)      Do not be overly drawn out in your answers. Try to be as concise as possible. You want the judges to get to know you as best they can in the time allotted, so try to accommodate them by answering well, but not in a verbose manner, so that they still hear a good answer, but they have time to ask more questions so that they can get a better feel for your personality!

9)      Speak loudly, but don’t scream or sound as though you are tense.

10)  Always SMILE

11)  While you answer one judge’s question, make eye contact with EVERY judge, regardless of whether or not they were the one who posed the question.

12)  Don’t be afraid to be funny or joke around, or even tell a little story/anecdote about one of your experiences! It just helps the judges learn more!


Professional Wear (Presentation):


1)      You may opt for a skirt suit or a pants suit. Judges may or may not have a preference. Personally, I like skirt suits on contestants because to me, it doesn’t look as “casual” as pants suits. If you choose a suit, make sure it FITS. Make sure it is not too long: preferrably at the knee or slightly above (by an inch or 2).

2)      Do NOT be afraid of color.

3)  Rule of thumb: In pageants, wear black pumps only if you are wearing a black suit. Otherwise, wear a taupe-colored heel; they will also make your legs look longer.

Here is an example of a "winning" interview look.


1)      Try to go for at a 3-inch heel, at least. State Fair judges, as a rule, like anything 2 inches and up… but not too high! 2 to 4 inches is suitable.

2)      Your walk needs to be crisp. Typically a more linear walk is appropriate, NOT a circle turn.

3)      Make eye contact with everyone, but focus on your judges. You can look out at the audience but always return your glance to your judges. Don’t be afraid to take it all in, just remember the JUDGES!

4)      Spot!

5)      If your “About Me” sheet (which is read as you model) is long, then continue modeling until it is finished! Don’t stand around or look uncomfortable. Stage time is GOOD!

6) Also, on shoes, make sure you wear a closed-toed shoe. Look PROFESSIONAL. Don't wear a heel that is too spikey or attention-grabbing with extra embellishments. The attention needs to be on YOU, so keep everything else flattering but not overpowering. Do NOT wear an evening gown shoe. Stray away from full ankle straps, clunky heels, wedge heels, and platforms as well. Find a traditional "pump", they are easy to find! If you have any questions about this e-mail

7) Know yourself! Try keeping a notebook or diary and write about yourself, your interests, experiences and what motivates you. Make up possible questions and write a short answer in the book. Explain in detail but don't memorize it! It will help you remember the MAIN topic of a good answer and it will help you deliver a good answer. Studies show that writing improves memory, so you will be able to deliver a quicker answer, but you will have time to explain yourself further than you did in your notebook. Also, have a friend or family member write questions in your book, or down on paper. Go through the questions with them and have them critique you. Keep time! Keep goals: such as, set a limit of 2 minutes and plan on trying to answer 4 questions.

8)At the conclusion of the interview, don't forget to thank the Judges!



 Evening Gown:

 1)     Wear a gown that suits you: color, style, age appropriateness and fit.

2)     Poofy ball gowns are ok at County, I do not recommend wearing them at State!

3)     Poofy Gowns: Do NOT wear a hoop! Crinolines are a better choice. Pageant judges HATE hoops.

4)     Wear a bit more stage makeup, but don’t be overpowering.

5)     Do not be afraid to accessorize

6)     NO shawls, gloves, or scarves!

7)     Do not wear body glitter or hair glitter!

8)     Walk with good flow. This is where you utilize the circle turn!

9)     Make sure your gown isn’t too long or too short. Don’t drag your gown! Try higher shoes or alter it!

10) NEVER grab your gown as you are walking. You shouldn’t have to lift it.

11) Spot!

12) Walk with your shoulders back and your head up.

13)  Do not wear clunky heels. It’s a pageant, not a drum line—judges shouldn’t hear your steps pounding on the stage!





When you introduce yourself at the beginning of the pageant, KNOW what you want to say. You are not being judged per day (in points) but the judges are watching you and making opinions! Everything helps…so make a good impression! Stand in Model-T position with arms at your side. Be crisp, excited, and don't let your words run together. Speak slowly, but lively. Have in mind what you want to say before you say it and practice it a few times. Don't be too drawn out, or too under-stated. 10-15 seconds should be fine.  Don't forget to thank your sponsors!



The judges look for a nice, easy look. Don’t look overly sprayed. At county, you can wear your hair differently for gown and interview, but try to do it the same at state because there are so many girls; you have to accommodate the judges as much as possible. You want them to remember you so don’t look different every time they see you! Also, no matter what, keep your hair out of your face!

 Skin Care:

Start a good skin-care regimen, so that your skin will be nice for the pageant. This is important, especially if you have trouble with acne, etc. Start using a moisturizer as well, so that your skin does not get dried out and looks healthy and glowing! For any brand reccommendations for skin care, hair care or makeup, e-mail!

Also, most girls feel that they would look better with a tan. This is always an option, but only if it looks good on you! Make sure to stay moisturized and achieve a good shade for YOU and your gown. There is such a thing as "too dark", but make sure you don't look washed out under the lights.

On-Stage Question:

This is simply an Interview on stage! So treat it the same. Repeat the question and answer slowly, but do not be too verbose. Make a clear point. It doesn’t have to be brilliance or rocket science. They aren’t looking so much at what you say, but you deliver it. Don’t fidget or grab the microphone! You don’t have to say “Thank You” either! You should be able to close your point in a way that they know you have concluded your statement. Since you are looking at the judges and a bit of the audience while you answer, when you finish you can glance and nod at the emcee so the will thank YOU! As you walk off stage look at the judges as long as possible, turn your head until you near a point where any more walking will look strained, then gracefully turn your head and continue.


Also, feel free to go to the Contact Section and e-mail any questions or comments about anything discussed in this section. I can add it to the Tips section!

Everything contestants and parents need to know about the 2006 Brown County 4-H Fair Queen pageant!