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The Brown County Fair Queen Pageant
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Meet the 2005 Fair Queen

Rachel Bogle

About Me and My Fair Queen Experience

        Greetings! My name is Rachel Bogle and I am the reigning Brown County Fair Queen. It seems not long ago that I was walking from event to event, enjoying my new perspective of the fair. Although I have been a 4-H member for 10 years, there were still so many new experiences that I took from being fair queen. I had the opportunity to “hands on” at events where I had once been a mere spectator. I spent time with the showmen and women in the barn and show arena, presented awards to accomplished 4-Hers at their own respective events, dropped the green flag for races in the grandstand, sang the national anthem for a grandstand event, assisted with and crowned the new Jr. Queen at the youth pageant, attended my first demolition derby AND truck/tractor pull, attended numerous events in the pavilion, took time to enjoy several 4-H projects in the exhibit building, and of course: had FUN meeting people in the Midway, enjoying the commercial tent, receiving a free pit pass and grandstand pass every night, and getting the opportunity to meet and enjoy learning about others in my community (an experience that I know I would not have had the joy of experiencing without the platform of this title) and I got to experience it all with my queen’s court! Did I mention—all this fun is ONLY just the County Fair! 

My weekend at the State Fair Pageant was a whirlwind, but so very fun! County Queens Day was probably one of my most memorable experiences from my entire reign! I got to spend that day with several outstanding queens including Miss Knox County (the county where I was born and lived before moving to Brown County)! I met many new friends at the pageant and got to assume the role of a “coach” alongside Miss Marion County and her mother as we helped girls perfect their walk each night before competitions on the prelim stage in the Marten House Hotel, where we all stayed. The day of the pageant was an absolute blast! I will never forget walking all over the fair with LaTisha Brawner (who received Top 10 Honors) and Miss Ripley county: we had both decided to walk around the fair with curlers in our hair! What a team! Also, the first day of the pageant weekend, I was approached by another queen who told me that I had a long lost twin! Little did I know that she meant Susan Guilkey, Miss Indiana America who met me after the pageant! I was also so excited to see several of my other pageant sisters in the audience, especially Kendra Winburn (Miss Indiana American Teen) and my entire American Coed Pageants family as well as Morgan Abel (Miss Kentuckiana Teen).

            I cannot wait to be able to pass on this wonderful opportunity to a new and deserving girl who will enjoy and appreciate this experience as much as I have! Though I will miss my time as the Fair Queen, I am happy to know that I always have my memories of this very important building block for me to truly better know my fair, 4-H program, and especially my community, which have all prepared me for the next step!




          I competed in my first pageant when I was an infant in Knox County. Therefore, I guess it is true that you can get hooked on something at a very young age! At age 6, I won my first Junior Queen title here in Brown County (where I was crowned by Heather Ayers!), which was followed by 3 others. I had always looked up to the Fair Queen from the moment when I was first able to be a spectator at the event! Therefore, when I became of the age to compete, I excitedly turned in my application in hopes that I could attain the crown. My first year competing, I did not even place. Therefore, I ask each past contestant to recognize that and understand that every year is different! I went from not placing in 2004 to winning the title in 2005! So never get discouraged!

        At the beginning of 2005, prior to attaining the Fair Queen title, I had my first “big pageant” experience at National American Miss Teen Indiana. Out of a field of nearly 130, I placed in the top 25! Two weeks later, I competed at the Miss Indiana American Teen pageant where I won best sponsor letter, 4th runner up Miss Indiana American Teen, and was also scouted and asked to train with a past Miss Indiana Teen USA/Miss USA and to compete in the Miss Indiana Teen USA pageant!

        My next pageant, of course, was the fair queen pageant. Ironically, I had not even planned to compete because naturally, I was discouraged by last year’s outcome. However, my mother convinced me to sign up since I had already done so many other pageants in the recent weeks, so why not just TRY. Well, I did! I also had the opportunity to help coach the girls in walking and to share with them everything that I had learned from my coaches and pageant experience. I was SO startled when my name was called and I am completely happy that I DID sign up for the pageant. I couldn’t imagine how much I would have regretted not TRYING if I had passed the opportunity by!  Next, I moved on to the State Fair pageant where I gained so many great experiences as a finalist!

        After a short school hiatus, I competed in American Coed Pageants’ Fall Follies pageant and won! It was a great experience and it won me a free entry fee for the Indiana American Teen Pageant!  I kept going with many other pageant ventures including Miss World Class, where I won both the Indiana and National Title!

       A little while later, I applied for a new pageant: America’s National Teenager. Around this time, I was also notified about a new MTV show about pageant girls which was to be currently filming. I e-mailed them back and shared my experiences and in December I received a call from Step Bond of Pink Sneakers Productions (the company in charge of the show that is now known as “Tiara Girls”). After months of planning and excitedly waiting as we were 99% “GO”, I ended up having to decline the opportunity because of school commitments (my involvement as a lead in our theatre production). However, through that experience, I got to make some great connections and got to interact with the “Tiara Girls”. And yes, I still keep the MTV producers on speed dial!

        A little bit relieved, I journeyed to my next pageant in Dayton, Ohio (it was a combined pageant [the Ohio and Indiana pageants occurred at the name hotel, but were still separate]), where I vied for the title of Miss Indiana National Teenager 2006. I ended up placing first in the Talent and Photogenic and won the State Title! Now I am preparing for the America’s National Teenager pageant in Nashville, TN from July 23-30. Wish me luck! And yes, I will be back for the pageant! I couldn’t miss it! I am leaving Tennessee after brunch and should be arriving at around 4 or 5 p.m.!

       I would love to see a large amount of girls in the pageant this year! Anyone can do it! Start now by applying at the 4-H Extension office and get ready for a great experience. I look forward to holding workshops this year to prepare each of the girls. I have even given thought to doing 10-15 minute private consultations where I can work with girls one-on-one at the workshops so that EVERYONE feels prepared. Also, I have to mention the sponsor fee. It is only $50 so I don’t want to let it be a hindrance. From my experience in pageants, I have raised thousands of dollars in sponsorship to be able to compete and I assure you that, if it is ever an issue, you can RAISE that sponsorship fee in just a few hours. If you need help with that, or need advice or  tips on how to go about it, just refer to my contact information in the Contact section of this website. Also, the same goes for any girls who may need suits or gowns! I’m always here to help! Good luck!

Everything contestants and parents need to know about the 2006 Brown County 4-H Fair Queen pageant!